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AR Verbs

To forget olvidar
to arive llegar
to carry bring llevar
to remember, remind recordar
to think pensar
to pet or carees acariciar
to turn off apagar
to close cerrar
to message mensajear
to take, drink tomar
to look buscar
to find encontrar
to cut cortar
to leave dejar
to send enviar
to finish, end acabar
to be estar
to give dar
to find or encounter encontrar
to sing cantar
to look mirar
to pass, to spend time, to happen pasar
to stay, remain quedar
to speak hablar
to call, to name llamar
to treat, handle to treat, handle
to count, relate, tell contar
to begin, start empezar
to wait for, to hope esperar
to enter, go in, come in, entrar
to finish, end terminar
to begin, start, commence comenzar
to take out, stick out sacar
to need, require necesitar
to turn out, to be resultar
to change cambiar
to introduce presentar
to create, to make crear
to consider considerar
to finsih, end acabar
to win, gain, earn, get, acquire, ganar
to form, shape, fashion, make formar
to accept, approve, to agree to aceptar
to achieve, attain, accomplish realizar
to get, obtain, to achieve, attain lograr
to explain explicar
to ask , inquire preguntar
to touch tocar
to study estudiar
to reach, catch up alcanzar
to use, utilize, utilizar
to pay, pay for pagar
to help ayudar
to please, be pleasing gustar
to play a game or sport jugar
to listen, hear escuchar
to raise, lift levantar
to try, attempt intentar
to use usar
to show mostrar
to occupy ocupar
to continue continuar
to fix, fasten, secure fijar
to bring near acercar
to dedicate dedicar
to buy, purchase comprar
to avoid, to prevent evitar
to interest, be of interest to interesar
to close, shut cerrar
to throw, cast, fling echar
to import, to be important importat
to indicate indicar
to imagine imaginar
to develop, expand, to unrool, unwind, to unfold desarrollar
to point out, indicate, to signal senalar
to prepare, get something ready preparar
to demonstrate, show demonstrar
to signify, mean signifcar
to lack, be lacking, be missing faltar
to accompany acompañar
to desire desear
to teach, instruct, train, educate enseñar
to represent representar
to order, give an order, to send mandar
to walk caminar
to walk andar
to assure, secure, insure asegurar
to kill, slaughter matar
to deliver, hand over entregar
to locate, place colocar
to guard, protect, to keep guardar
to initiate, begin, start inciar
to lower, go down, descend, download bajar
to note, notice, observe notar
to act, perform, operate actuar
to decide, resolve, agree acordar
to throw, hurl, cat, fling lanzar
to take advantage of aprovechar
to support, hold up, to back apoyar
to deny, refuse negar
to advance, move forward avanzar
to cost costar
to increase, add to, rise aumentar
to abandon, levae behind, desert, to quit, give up abandonar
to oblige obligar
to apply aplicar
to express, voice, state expresar
to practice practicar
to multiply multiplicar
to add agregar
to retract restar
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