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Unidad 1 Grammar

Acostarse To go to bed
Me acuesto I go to bed
Te acuestas You go to bed
Se acuesta He/she goes to bed
Nos acostamos We go to bed
Se acuestan They go to bed
Afeitarse To shave
Me afeito I shave
Te afeitas You shave
se afeita He/she shaves
Nos afeitamos We shave
se afeitan They shave
Banarse To bathe
Me bano I bathe
Te banas You bathe
Se bana He/she bathes
Nos banamos We bathe
Se banan They bathe
Despertarse To wake up
Me despierto I wake up
Te despiertas You wake up
Se despierta He/she wakes up
Nos despertamos We wake up
Se despiertan They wake up
Dormirse To fall asleep
Me duerme I fall asleep
Te duermes You fall asleep
Se duerme He/she falls alseep
Nos dorminos We fall asleep
Se duermen They fall asleep
Ducharse To shower
Me ducho I shower
Te duchas You shower
Se ducha He/she showers
Nos duchamos We shower
Os duchais You all shower
Se duchan They shower
Lavarse To wash
Me lavo I wash
Te lavas You wash
Se lava He/she washes
Nos lavamos We wash
Se lavan They wash
Levantarse To get/stand up
Yo levanto I get up
Te levantas You get up
Se levanta He/she gets up
Nos levantamos We get up
Se levantan They get up
Maquillarse To put on makeup
Me maquillo I put on makeup
Te maquillas You put on makeup
Se maquilla He/she puts on makeup
Nos maquillanos We put on makeup
Se maquillan They put on makeup
Peinarse To comb
Me peino I comb
Te peinas You comb
Se peina He/she combs
Nos peinamos We comb
Se peinan They comb
Vestirse To get dressed
Me visto I get dressed
Te vistas You get dressed
Se vista He/she gets dressed
Nos vestamos We get dressed
Se vistan They get dressed
Created by: Faith LaBry