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Extra Drill I

Extra Drill

endorse v. Give support; approve of
prod v. To push against gently; urge on; cause to act
reluctant adj. Unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom
balk v. Refuse to comply
momentous adj. Of very great significance
console v. give solace (comfort)
vernacular adj. characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language
bristle v. React in an offended or angry manner
arbitrary adj. impulse or capricious; based on individual freedom
bravura n. Brilliant and showy technical skill
resplendent adj. Having great beauty and splendour
badger v. annoy persistently
procrastination n. act of procrastinating; delaying action for later time
embark v. set out on; proceed; start
pondering adj. deeply seriously thoughful
synergy n. the working together of twho things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects
ponderous adj. slow heavy
pontificate v. talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner
Mordant adj. corrosive; erosive; grim
Temerity n. audacity
Acrimony n. acerbity
Crestfallen adj. brought low in spirit (crest = top of the hill)
Articulate v. provide with a joint
Squabble n. a quarrel about petty point
Amicable adj. characteriszed by friendship
Jarred v. to conflict, clash, or disagree; to produce harsh sound
Nitpick v. be overly critical; criticize
Unassuming adj. not arrogant or presuming; humility
Flinch v. recoil; draw back as with fear or pain
Apocalyptic adj. prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom
Squall v. utter a sudden loud cry
Gully n. a form of land created by running water eroding sharply into soil
Miff n. a state of irritation or annoyance
Commotion n. din; violence motion
Created by: thedanniest
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