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Chem U3

radioactive decay, nuclear fusion/fission

Define radiation Energy emitted from an atom/of a decaying atom
What is a doubly strong nucelus protons and neutrons are together in configurations so that they don't fall apart quickly (strong force)
Define radioactivity when an unstable atom loses subatomic particles and energy until they are stable.
define the strong force the neutrons that hold protons together in the nucleus.
how would an element with more than 83 protons become stable? through alpha decay
equation for alpha decay element>helium+2 elements down
for which kinds of elements would beta decay occur in? elements that have less than 83 protons but have too many neutrons
equation for beta decay element>electron +1 element up
for which kind of elements would electron capture occur in? elements that have less than 83 protons but too few neutrons compared to the stable one on the periodic table
equation for electron capture element+electron>1 element down
for which kind of elements would positron emission occur in? elements that have less than 83 protons but too many neutrons compared to the stable one on the periodic table
equation for positron emission element>positron+1 element
define a half-life the time that it takes for 1/2 of a simple to decay
what is the use of radioactive dating used to measure the ages of rocks and fossils
if something is less radioactive, will the decay be faster or slower? slower
when analyzing a body, how do scientists use the C-14? the more C-14 there is in a body, the younger it is, because things like eating and drinking raise our level of C-14 (radiation).
equation to find out the # of half-lives total time passed/length of a half-life
equation to find out the amount left OG amount*0.5^#of half lives
transmutation the conversion of one element into another
all elements with over how many protons are artificial? 92
where does transmutation occur nuclear decay, fission, and fusion
nuclear fission splitting a nucleus into 2 or more elements
explain the process of nuclear fission neutron bullet; splitting an atom
Explain E=mc^2 energy can have mass so when neutrons and atoms split, their total weight is a bit less than the original neutron and atom
why doesn't 3% pure uranium go through nuclear fission very well? when one atom splits, some can split into another pure uranium, but another might be an unstable uranium, which means that that atom will not split.
what is critical mass the minimum amount of material needed for one neutron from each fission to cause another fission event
what can control the speed of the fission reaction cadmium and boron rods
nuclear fusion when two nuclei are combined
where else does nuclear fusion occur in stars; more energy released compared to nuclear fission
what happens in the process of fusion 2 hydrogen atoms smash together to make a helium atom
what does 1 kg of uranium equal 30 freight cars of coal
what three important parts are there in a nuclear reactor nuclear fuel, control rods, and liquid
job of nuclear fuel (usually uranium) create energy
job of control rods control the nuclear fission by absorbing neutrons
job of the liquid heat transfer; the steam turns the turbine to produce electricity
define nucleosynthesis the production of new elements from nuclear reactions
how do astronomers tell what a star is made of use the atomic spectrum and the elements will show color.
Created by: allyson.lee