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Physics 150

Exam 1

What did Galileo discover in his legendary experiment on the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Galileo found that a heavier stone does not fall significantly faster than a lighter one.
What did Galileo discover about moving bodies and force in his experiments with inclined planes? In the absence of a retarding force, a body will keep moving at a constant speed in a straight line forever.
What type of path does a moving object follow in the absence of a force? It continues to move in a straight line at a constant speed.
What is the net force on a bag pulled down by gravity with a force of 18 newtons and pulled upward by a rope with a force of 18 newtons? The net force is zero newtons.
When you stand at rest on a bathroom scale, how does your weight compare with the support force from the scale? Your weight is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the support force from the scale.
A different scaffold that weighs 400 N supports two painters, one 500 N and the other 400 N. The reading in the left scale is 800 N. What is the reading in the right-hand scale? T=500N
Lucy Lightfoot stands with one foot on one bathroom scale and her other foot on a second bathroom scale. Each scale reads 335 N .What is Lucy's weight? W=670N
Henry Heavyweight weighs 1450 N and stands on a pair of bathroom scales so that one scale reads twice as much as the other.What are the scale readings? W1,W2=967,483N
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