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Spanish 9/25/17

alquilar un DVD to rent a DVD
andar en patineta to skatebord
aprender el espanol to learn spanish
beber to drink
comer to eat
comprar to buy
correr to run
descanansar to rest
dibujar to draw
escribir correos electronicos to write emails
esuchar mu`sica to lisen to music
estudiar to study
hablar por tele`fono to talk on the phone
hacer la tarea to do homework
jugar al fu`tbol to play soccer
leer un libro to read a book
mirar la televisio`n to watch television
montar en bicileta to ride a bike
pasar un rato cos los amigos to spend time with friends
pasear to go for a walk
practicar deportes to practice/ play sports
preparar la comida to prepare food/ a meal
tocar la guitarra to play the gutair
trabajar to work
el agua water
la fruta fruit
los galleta cookie
el helado ice cream
el juge juice
las papas fritas french fries
la pizza pizza
el refresco soft drink
?Qu`e te gusta hacer? What do you like to do?
?Te gusta...? Do you like...?
Me gusta... I like...
No me gusta I don't like...
la actividad activity
antes de before
despue`s (de) afterward/after
la escuela school
ma`s more
o or
pero but
tambie`n also
yo i
tu` you
e`l he/him
ella her
usted formal way of addressing someone (you)
nosotros we
vosotros you all (in formal)
ustedes you all/them (formal)
ellos a group of guys and girls
ellas a group of girls
el the
tu your
subject pronoun verb for: yo soy
subject pronoun for: tu` eres
subject pronoun for: E`l/Ella/Usted es
subject pronoun for: nosotros somos
subject pronoun for: vosotros sois
subject pronoun for: Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes son
infinitive verb for: mi me
infinitive verb for: ti te
infinitive verb for; usted/e`l/ella le
infinitive verb for; nosotros nos
infinitive verb for: vosotros os
infinitive verb for: ustedes/ellos/ellas les
Created by: Autumn Bowman