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Core8 CR2.2 Eating

No Reason to Eat Animals

What does it mean to abolish something such as slavery, taxes, crime, or a policy? To officially end something.
Who is an authority on a certain topic? An expert; someone whose opinions and views are respected.
When you betray someone, you ___. Break their trust; are disloyal to someone who trusted you; reveal something said privately or confidentially.
To euthanize a terminally ill animal or person means __. To kill (or help to die) in a painless, humane way (through an injected drug.)
What is the *feasibility of doing something? The likelihood of being effective or successful.
How to people feel when they grieve, or mourn, a loved one? They feel sad when a loved one has died.
When something is done humanely, how is it done? Without cruelty or causing suffering.
Just as a baby is calmed when sucking on its pacifier, what does it mean to pacify someone? To make (people) calm or stop (them) worrying.
What is a staple part of one's diet? A basic or common food or part of it.
Selling national secrets to another country is *tantamount to treason. Is equal to, or equivalent to.
Created by: jkirsch