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AC 390 Ch 1-3

help address business opportunities role of an accountant
accounting information system system that records, processes and reports on transactions to provide financial and non-financial information to make decisions and have appropriate levels of internal controls for those transactions.
internal controls security measures to protect sensitive data
walmart has an extensive information system
possible input sales at starbucks
possible storage database of all sales at starbucks
possible processing queries of what sells best at night
possible output reports of what sells best at night
relevant and reliable to be useful, information must have these attributes
relevant information that is capable of making a difference in a decision
reliable information that is free from bias and error
data raw facts that describe an event and have little meaning on their own
information data organized in a meaningful way to be useful to the user. Data serves as an input
business need/business event->data->information->knowledge->decision steps of the information value chain
discretionary information information that is not required by law
mandatory information information that is required by law
system analyst role of designer
database administrator role of implementer
recording journal entries role of user
auditor role of evaluator
controller or CFO role of manager
certified information systems auditor (CISA) perform IT audits
certified information technology professional (CITP) Work to effectively and efficiently manage information while ensuring the data’s reliability, security, accessibility and relevance
certified internal auditor globally accepted certification for internal auditors
inbound logistics activities associated with receiving and storing raw materials and other partially completed materials, and distributing those materials to manufacturing when and where they are needed
operations activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services
outbound logistics activities that warehouse and distribute the finished goods to the customers
Marketing and sales activities identify the needs and wants of their customers to help attract them to the firm’s products and buy them
Service activities provide the support of customers after the products and services are sold to them
Firm infrastructure activities are all of the activities needed to support the firm, including the CEO, finance, accounting, and legal.
Human resource management activities include recruiting, hiring, training and compensating employees
Technology activities include all of the technologies to support value-creating activities. These technologies also include research and development to develop new products or research and development to determine ways to produce products at a cheaper price.
Procurement activities involve purchasing inputs such as raw materials, supplies, and equipment
AIS foundation for the enterprise system (ERP)
enterprise system centralized database that collects data from throughout the company including orders, customers, sales, inventory, and employees.
supply chain flow of materials, information, payments, and services from suppliers all the way through the customer.
Automate replacing human labor in automating business processes
Informate-up provide information about business activities to senior management, Summarize performance for senior management (digital dashboards, etc.)
Informate-down provide information about business activities to employees across the firm, Give information to all levels of the organization to empower decision making
Transform fundamentally redefine business processes and relationships
Business Process a defined sequence of business activities that use resources to transform specific inputs into specific outputs to achieve a business goal
Business Analysis the process of defining business process requirements and evaluating potential improvements
Business Model a simple abstract representation of one or more business processes
Documentation explains how business processes and business systems work; a tool for information transmission and communication
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Made documentation essential, Requires managers to assess and attest to the business’s internal control structure and procedures Requires external auditors to audit management’s assessment of the effectiveness of internal control
Effectiveness are the outputs obtained as expected?
Efficiency can outputs be produced with fewer inputs?
Internal control are controls working?
Compliance does the process comply with constantly changing local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations
activity models Describe the sequence of workflow in a business process, Represent the sequential flow and control logic of a set of related activities, Tools for planning, documenting, discussing, and implementing systems
business process modeling notation BPMN
BPMN Specifically designed for process modeling, Designed to be understood by business people, Software available to support modeling and subsequent process simulation
pools identify organizations
Swimlanes identify departments or individuals
message flows Exchanges between two participants (pools) in the same process
structure models Describe the data and info structures inherent in a business process, Create blueprint for development of relational database to support collection, aggregation, and communication of process info, Facilitate use of databases after they are implemented
unified modeling language (UML) includes notation for several other types of diagrams, including several structure diagrams, behavior diagrams, and interaction diagrams
Classes are separately identifiable collections of things about which the organization wants to collect and store information
Associations depict the relationship between two classes.
Multiplicities describe the minimum and maximum number of times instances of one class can be associated with instances in another class
organization resources, persons, events, and conceptual structures classes can represent
1 or * second number of multiplicity must be either
0 or 1 first number of multiplicity must be either
attributes data elements that describe the characteristics of instances in a class (or rows in a table)
attributes data elements that describe the characteristics of instances in a class (or rows in a table)
primary keys An attribute or combination of attributes that uniquely identifies each instance in a class or row in a table
foreign keys An attribute or combination of attributes that allows tables to be linked together
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