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Lesson 7 Vocab


Alarm clock El despertador
Later (on) Mas tarde
To be important to; to matter Importar
When was the last time you saw .....? Cuando fue la ultima vez que viste a ......?
To bore Aburrir
To remember Acordarse (de)
To go to bed Acostarse
Something; anything Algo
Someone; somebody; anyone Alguien
Some; any Alguno/a, algun
Before Antes (de)
When we went to Merida. Cuando fuimos a Merida.
To wake up Despertarse
Afterwards; then Despues
After Despues (de)
To go to sleep; to fall asleep Dormirse
During Durante
To like very much; to love (objects) Encantar
To meet up with Encontrarse con
To get angry (with) Enojarse (con)
Then Entonces
To lack; to need Faltar
To fascinate; to like very much Fascinar
To be interesting to; to interest Interesar
To go away; to leave Irse
Never; not ever Jamas
To get up Levantarse
To be called; to be named Llamarse
Then Luego
I love live music. Me encanta la musica en vivo.
I love Almodovar's movies. Me fascinan las peliculas de Almodovar.
To bother; to annoy Molestar
Nothing; not anything Nada
No one; nobody; not anyone Nadie
Neither .... nor Ni ..... Ni
No; none; not any Ninguno/a, ningun
Don't worry No te preocupes
Never; not ever Nunca
Either .... or O .... O
To put on Ponerse
To become Ponerse
In the morning Por la manana
At night Por la noche
In the afternoon; in the evening Por la tarde
Finally Por ultimo
To worry (about) Preocuparse (por)
To try on Pobarse
To be left over; to fit (clothing) Quedar
To stay Quedarse
To take off Quitarse
Daily routine La rutina diaria
To sit down Sentarse
To feel Sentirse
Always Siempre
Also; too Tambien
Neither; not either Tampoco
I still have to change my shirt. Todavia me falta cambiarme la camisa.
Relax Tranquilo/a
To get dressed Vestirse
Created by: mtuck423