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Subeme la radio

Subeme la radio vocab

Subir to turn up/ go up
Traer to bring
Canción song
Sentirse to feel
Quitar to take away/ off
Dolor pain
Juntar to bring/ join together
Luna moon
Sol sun
Ya no longer/ already
Ni…ni neither…nor
Perder to loose
Dejar to leave/ give up (quit)
Sombra shadow/ shade
Jurar to swear/ promise
Mejor best
Pasar to pass/ spend (time)
Lento slow
Morir to die
Llegar to arrive
Contestar to answer
Esperar to wait
Pasar la noche en vela to stay up all night
Cantar to sing
Bajo below/ under
Llena full
Huir to flee
Pasado past
Madrugada early morning
Encontrar to look for/ find
Borrar to erase
Salud health
Aliento breath
Pedir to ask
Romper to break
Loco crazy
Desesperado desperate
Soledad solitude
Verdad truth
Volver to return
Bailar to dance
Aguantar to endure/ bear
Mentir to lie
Querer to want/ love