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Lesson 6 Vocab


department store El almacen
cash register La caja
shopping mall el centro comercial
client el cliente
clerk el dependiente
market el mercado
sale la vebaja
shop/store la tienda
salesperson el vendador
to cost costar
to spend (money) gastar
to match hacer juego (con)
to go shopping Ir de compras
to wear llevar
to pay (with) pagar (con)
to bargain regatear
to wear, use usar
to sell vender
price (fixed) el precio (fijo)
credit card la tarjeta de credito
money el dinero
cheap barato/a
good bueno/a
each cada
expensive caro/a
short (in length) corto/a
elegant elegante
beautiful hermosa/o
long largo/a
crazy loco/a
new nuevo/a
other/another otro/a
poor pobre
rich rico/a
to have just done something acabar de
last year el ano pasado
last night anoche
the day before yesterday anteayer
yesterday ayer
color el color
to drive conducir
to know; to be acquainted with conocer
how much does it cost? cuanto cuesta?
to give dar
suddenly de repente
too expensive demasiado caro/a
from desde
twice dos veces
cash (en) efectivo
it's very good quality es de muy buena calidad
it's a bargain es una ganga
it's in style esta de moda
this striped/polka-dotted/plaid one is silk esta de rayas/lunares/cuadros es de seda
the blue skirt is very elegant esta falda azul es muy elegante
the red one is cotton/wool este rojo es de algodon/lana
until hasta
wow hijole
to offer ofrecer
to seem parecer
last; past pasado/a
to lend; to loan prestar
what beautiful earrings! que bonitos aretes!
what did you buy? que compraste/que compro usted?
what size shoe do you wear? que numero calza?
what nice clothing! que ropa mas bonita!
what size do you wear? que talla usas/llevas?
to know; to know how saber
last week la semana pasada
i only bought this solo compre esto
to translate traducir
i wear a size 4 uso/llevo talla 4
once una vez
and you guys, what did you buy? y ustedes, que compraron?
already ya
i wear a size seven yo calzo siete
gift el regalo
Created by: mtuck423