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Coop Unit 1 Exam

Initiative Doing what needs to be done without being told to do so
Be Productive Output contributes to reaching company goals
Dependability Show up active
Positive Attitude Basic outlook on life to make the workplace more enjoyable.
Cooperativeness Working well with others to reach a common goal
Honesty Don't steal (time, materials, ideologies)
Willingness to learn How to do things in your workplace
Ability to accept criticsim Constructive criticism is necessary to doing a good job at work
Willingness to follow directions How to do things in your workplace
Enthusiasm Liking your work and showing it during your shifts
Loyalty Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Payment Salary (hourly, weekly, monthly, annually) Piecework, commissions
Safe working conditions Provide a safe working environment Training on dangerous equipment Equipment in good working order Safety equipment provided Rules posted Exits/aisles clear Doors unlocked from the inside
Training Provide whatever training needed depends on difficulty of job may be asked to observe may require schooling
Introductions Employer should introduce you to your co-workers. If Not other workers may make introductions introduce yourself
Evaluations Evaluates your work and tells you how you are doing. Looking for? Job performance How well you get along with others Determine: Promotion Raises Same position with same pay Fired
Explanations Employers should explain policies rules regulations duties working relationships Salary vacation schedules any changes
Honesty Just as your employer expects you to be honest, you can expect him to be honest pay benefits or privileges
Fairness Being treated fairly Depends on your personality employer’s personality your relationship’s with others
Legally Bound Fairness Freedom of discrimination. Discrimination mean treating someone unfairly because of prejudice
Equal Employment opportunity Act Forbids discrimination by employers, employment agencies, and unions race color national origin sex religion
Age Discrimination Act Makes it illegal to discriminate against people over 40 in hiring or on a job 1967
Rehabilitation Act Protects people with physical or mental disabilities from discrimination. 1973
Fair Labor Standards Act Set standards for: child labor wages hours equal pay
Affirmative Action Designed to help people who may have suffered discrimination in the past to CATCH UP!!
Fringe Benefits Usually full-time employee paid vacation health/dental insurance retirement plans life insurance bonuses
Standard Separation Procedure Termination notice--fired! Layoff notice--temporary Compensations severance pay
Getting along with coworkers Accept Differences Remember you are a beginner Maintain proper formality Stay neutral in disputes Keep your sense of humor
Accept Differences Not easy Nobody is perfect everyone has good qualities Do not judge
Remember you're a beginner Keep eyes & ears open Don’t talk too much Ask questions Be grateful & thankful
Maintain proper formality Better to be too formal than too informal Go slow in forming relationships
Stay neutral in disputes Mind your own business Remain neutral
Net pay calculations (required) Federal income taxes Social security tax/FICA Medicare State income tax
Net Pay calculations (elective) Savings 403B or 401K Charities
First Impressions You only get one chance to make a good impression good handshake dress appropriately speak respectively
Created by: KJSherman



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