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BAIS Spanish 3H Verb

BAIS Spanish III H Verbs

Abrir To Open
Acabar To Finish
Acostarse To Go To Bed
Afietarse To Shave
Almorzar To Have Lunch
Alquitar To Rent
Andar To Walk
Apagar To Turn Off
Aprender To Learn
Ayudar To Help
Bailar To Dance
Banarse To Bathe
Barrer To Sweep
Beber To Drink
Buscar To Search
Cambiar To Change
Caminar To Walk
Cantar To Sing
Cenar To Dine
Cerrar To Close
Cocinar To Cook
Comer To Eat
Compartir To Share
Comprar To Buy
Comprender To Understand
Conocer To Know
Contar To Tell
Contestar To Answer
Correr To Run
Costar To Cost
Creer To Believe
Cruzar To Cross
Cuidar To Look After
Dar To Give
Deber Should
Decidir To Decide
Decir To Say
Dejar To Leave
Desayunar To Have Breakfast
Descansar To Rest
Despertarse To Wake Up
Devolver To Give Back
Doblar To Blend
Dormir To Sleep
Dormirse To Fall Alseep
Ducharse To Take A Shower
Empazar To Start
Ensenar To Teach
Entender To Understand
Entrar To Give In
Escribir To Write
Escuchar To Hear
Esperar To Wait
Esquiar To Ski
Estar To Be
Ganar To Win
Gustar To Like
Hablar To Talk
Hacer To Do
Invitar To Invite
Ir To Go
Irse To Go Away
Jugar To Play
Lavar To Clean
Lavarse To Wash Yourself
Leer To Read
Levantar To Lift
Levantarse To Wake Yourself Up
Limpiar To Clean
Llamar To Call
Llegar To Arrive
Llevar To Take
Llover To Rain
Manejar To Drive
Maquillarse To Put On Makeup
Marcar To Mark
Merendar To Snack
Mirar To Watch
Mover To Move
Nadar To Swim
Necesitar To Need
Nevar To Show
Ofrecer To Offer
Oir To Hear
Olvidar To Forget
Ordenar To Order
Pagar To Pay
Pasar To Pass
Pasear To Stroll
Patinar To Skate
Pedir To Ask For
Peinarse To Comb Your Hair
Pensar To Think
Pintar To Paint
Planchar To Iron
Poder To Be Able
Poner To Put
Ponerse To Put On
Practicar To Practice
Preferir To Prefer
Preparar To Prepare
Querer To Want
Recibir To Recieve
Recordar To Record
Regatear To Bargain
Regresar To Return
Saber To Know Facts
Sacar To Take Out
Salir To Go Out
Secarse To Dry Off
Ser To Be
Servir To Serve
Sorprender To Surprise
Tener To Have
Terminar To Finish
Tocar To Touch
Tomar To Take, Have, Eat, Or Drink
Trabajar To Work
Traer To Bring
Usar To Use
Vender To Sell
Venir To Come
Ver To See
Viajar To Travel
Visitar To Visit
Vivir To Live
Volver To Return
Created by: Ms. Traynor