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Word of the Day

2017-2018 School Year Words of the Day

prerequisite something required before doing something else
garble to mix up words or information
variegate varies in color or full of variety
swiftly at high speed , quickly, without delay
temporize to stall in order to gain time to think, or to avoid doing something
bifurcate to divide or cause to divide into two branches or parts
lambster a fugitive, especially from the law
perfunctory lacking interest, care, enthusiasm; indifferent
impetuous acting without thinking; impulsive
aghast shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror
nobby cleverly stylish; chic and neat
flagrant offensive; obviously wrong
apex the tip, point or vertex; highest point
alleviate relieve pain,
disconsolate hopelessly, unhappy, gloomy cheerless
belfry a structure which holds a bell; a bell tower
spectral resembling ghost like shadow, characteristics of a phantom
disperse to spread widely
perpetual to go on forever
clamorous noisy, loud and aggressive
economize to avoid waste; be frugal; including money
unavailing unsuccessful; useless; producing no result or effect
arduous requires lots of effort, energy, strength
gnarled twisted, bent, knotted, rough
virtue having good qualities; righteousness
prerequisite something required as a prior condition for something else to happen.
chastise to correct someone by yelling at them; to reprimand; to criticize
sympathy feeling pity or sorrow for someone else's mis fortune; feeling bad for someone else
precousious farther along in physical or mental development; smarter for his/her age
superlative of highest quality;degree
empathy sharing someone else's feelings, especially feelings of sorrow and anguish
scour to clean by rubbing very hard or to search
itinerary a planned route, a travel document planned out
intreped person who is bold and brave
dossier a collection of papers or documents about a particular person, event, or subject
bistow to present as a gift
boisterous someone loud, rowdy, out of control
decietful concealing the truth, misrepresenting the truth
integrity doing the right thing even when no one is watching
traverse travel across or through
salubrious promoting health or wellbeing
contrite regretful or remorseful
gregorious a person who likes being around others, social, outgoing
populous a place full of people, densely populated
caprice to do things suddenly or on a whim without thinking it through
pious a devoutly religious holy godly person
euphony a pleasing or sweat sound, harmonious words
malign to bad mouth someone, speak falsely
ambiguous having more than one meaning or unclear
adversity someone that has had misfortune, bad times, horrible situations
scrupulous acting in strict regard to what is considered right or proper
overwhelemed too much of something good or bad
slapdash done or made without careful planning, haphazard
gumption to have determination full of courage and common sense
trifle something of little value or importance
shirk to avoid or neglect duty or responsibilities
efficient not wasting time, effort or expense, doing more with less time
avaricious extremely greedy, consumed with gaining lots of wealth
blunder an embarrassing mistake
shrill a high pitch voice or sound
decipher to decode or figure it out
midst in the middle of or surrounded by somehting
perilious unsafe, dangerous
tirade argument, violent words, rude, disrespectful speech
lolegag to spend time foolishly, idle, wasting time
proximity closeness or nearness
dunderhead stupid or not so smart person
defy to refuse to obey, to resist or to go against
mucilaginous sticky, to adhere
prompt quickly, or to cue, or to motivate
peculiar strange or odd or interesting
Created by: DiegoBoy