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Names of Nukes

All of the names of famous nuclear warheads in history!

Little boy Detonated on Hiroshima by USA, its yield was 15kt. It was a gun type nuclear weapon.
Fat man Detonated on Nagasaki by USA, its yield was 21kt. It was a Implosion type nuclear weapon.
Tsar Bomba Detonated by the USSR in a testing range, it was the largest nuclear weapon ever used, and its load was 50 megatons, but had the possibility of 100 megatons. It was a three stage H-Bomb
Trinity Code name: Trinity was the first ever tested nuclear weapon, it held 20 kt. It was a Plutonium implosion fission type bomb It was detonated in a desert in New Mexico
Davy Crocket Developed by USA in the Cold War, the Davy Crockett held about 10 tons of explosion. It was the smallest nuclear weapon even made.
Ivy MIke First H-Bomb ever never tested in war. Its load was 10.4 megatons
Ivy KIng Largest pure fission bomb ever tested. Its load was 500kilotons
W-87 Known as the Minuteman III it is still currently used in the Us Military so most of its knowledge is confidential. It load is 300 kilotons.
Created by: 23adsmith