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matter unit-1

Matter has mass and it occupies space. Everything around us is composed of matter. It can exist in three states, viz., Solid, Liquid and Gas
The International System of Units (SI) was established by the 11 th General Conference on Weights and Measures (GCWM). The GCWM is an inter-governmental treaty organisation created by Metre Convention, which was signed in Paris (1875)
In 1789, the ‘Law of Conservation of Mass’ was proposed. It states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This law was propounded by Antoine Lavioisier
The Solids possess definite shape and volume. The Liquids possess only definite shape and not volume. The Gas have shape and volume as Indefinite
The density of a substance is its amount of mass per unit volume. SI units of mass and volum’e are kg and m3 respectively. Hence, SI unit of density is kgm–3
Camphor is purified by a technique in which pure volatile compound is separated from non-volatile impurities under reduced pressure. What is this technique called? Sublimation
Oxygen 49.9
Silicon 26
Aluminium 7.3
Iron 4.1
Calcium 3.2
Sodium 2.3
Potassium 2.2
Magnesium 2.1
There are two types of mixtures—Homogeneous and Heterogeneous. Electrolyte of NH3 in air is a homogeneous mixture. Mixture of silica and salt is an example of Heterogeneous Mixture
Crystallisation technique is used to obtain pure inorganic compounds. Two processes are involved in distillation vapourisation and condensation. Which technique is used to purify the substances obtained from Earth’s crust? Fractional Distillation
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