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1.the element of electric heater is made of nichrome
2.when the water is heated from 0 c to 100 c ,the volume of water first decrease and then increase mega watt houris equal to 3.6 *10^9 joule what temperature is the temp on celuius and fahrenheit scales equals -40c
5.the peroid of revolution round the sun is maximum by which among the following planets mars
6.einstein got the nobel price for photoelectric effect
7.galvanometer is converted into voltmeter using high resistance in series
8.gas laws was given by boyle
9.kilowatt hour is unit of power
10.ozone layer is protects from us from uv rays in the diesel engine is produces by which of the following compression
12.which of these best conducter of the electricity silver
13). Which among the following order of decreasing wavelengths of electromagnetic waves is correct? I) Radio waves II) Infrared rays III) Visible Light IV) X-Rays
14). Ampere-hour is the unit of which among the following? Amount of charge
15). Who discovered X-Rays? Roentgen
16) Which among the following are primary colors? Red, Green, Blue
17) At what temperature will the density of water be maximum? 4 deg Celusis
18) Persistence of vision is the principle behind? Cinema
19) Which metal is commonly used for making an electromagnet? Iron
20) Light from the laser is________. Monochromatic
21) Choke is used to_______. a) Reduce the current in AC circuit
22) In a standing wave the distance between a node and adjacent anti node is______. λ / 4
23) A telescope and microscope differ in that______ Telescope has objective of large focal length and eyepiece of smaller focal lengths
24) The weight of a body is______. Maximum at the poles
25) At what temperature a body will not radiate any heatenergy? -273 C
26) Electromagnetic spectrum consists of the following radiations -I. X-rays II. Gamma rays III. Ultraviolet radiations IV. Infrared radiations Choose the correct order of code in the increasing order of their frequency: IR,UV,X RAYS ,GAMMA
Created by: dhanalakshmi
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