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SAT Vocab 2017 #2

For my use only

Proscribe to forbid or prohibit and activity
Facetious cleverly amusing in tone; not meant to be taken seriously
Puntilious strictly attentive to minute details of conduct; very precise and meticulous
Auspicious favorable and promising; accompanied by good omens and therefore propitious
Evocative using the power of imagination to call forth a memory
Enigma a riddle shrouded in mystery and thus something that is puzzling
Superficial shallow; lacking intellectual or emotional depth
Precosious characterized by the exceptionally early development or maturity of a talent
Officious describes someone who acts more official than they actually are; annoyingly meddlesome
Bohemian describes a person who is known for unconventional behavior; a nonconformist
Stigmatize to brand as inferior
Infinitesimal incalculably small
Vitriolic characterized by harsh and nasty tone
Proliferate to grow rapidly; multiply quickly
Resplendent characterized by great beauty, splendor, and dazzling jewel-like colors
Exhort to spur on encouragement
Ameliorate to improve; make better
Compunction a feeling of deep remorse caused by a sense of guilt; great remorse
Mendacity a trait of being deliberately untruthful
Fortuitous an accidental but lucky chance; filled with good fortune
Created by: cjones6