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Pts, lines, planes

Geometry Ch 1

Two non-coinciding lines intersect in a single ________? Point
The three undefined terms of geometry Point, Line, plane
Any three non-collinear points determine a _________? Plane
Two angles which share a vertex, a side but not interior points Adjacent Angles
Supplementary angles which are also adjacent Linear Pair
Non-adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines Vertical angles
Number of feet in one mile 5280
100 centimeters is equivalent to ______ meters? 1
Which three metric units are smaller than a meter? Decimeter, centimeters, millimeter
Math Expression used to describe a supplementary angle 180- x
Complementary angle to a 63 degree angle 27 dgrees
Equation illustrating segment addition for the circumstance of the point B between A and C. AB + BC = AC
Unshared sides of a linear pair are are called _____________. __________. Opposite rays
Two intersecting planes intersect in a _____________. Line
The place where a segment is divided evenly. Midpoint
1/360th of a circle Degree
One of two (usually red) marks used to denote congruence on a geometry figure Tick marks or arc marks
Angles which measure between 90 and 180 not inclusive. Obtuse
What are allowed tools when forming a geometric construction Compass and straight edge
Classification of a 22 degree angle Acute
Name of the formula A = pi* r^2 Area of a circle
Midpoint of the segment with endpoints P(-8,3) and Q (-2,7) (-5,5)
Distance between F(1,2) and G(5,5) 5 units
Name for The perpendicular sides of a right triangle...not the longest side Legs
Endpoint of a segment with other endpoint C(-3,-2) and midpoint M(2.5,1) (8,4)
Perimeter of a rectangle with sides 20 in. and 8 in. 56 in.
Math expression for perimeter of a triangle with side lengths 5x +14, 10, 14x-2 19x+22
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