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Spanish Most Common

100 of the most common used words.

more más
or o
this esto
that eso
already ya
now ahora
very muy
without sin
too / also tambien
about sobre
like that / like this así
from desde
until hasta
nothing nada
something algo
always siempre
part parte
only solo
here aquí
there allí
yet / still todavía
to come venir
to speak hablar
to have tener
to eat comer
to see ver
to give dar
to know (someone or a place) conocer
to read leer
good bueno
small / little / few poco
new nuevo
big grande
blue azul
black negro
white blanco
better mejor
man hombre
woman mujer
life vida
apple manzana
dog perro
table mesa
time tiempo
day día
hour hora
minute minuto
month mes
year año
chicken pollo
rice arroz
vegetables vegetales
world mundo
house casa
apartment apartamento
country país
city ciudad
place lugar
person persona
today hoy
yesterday ayer
tomorrow mañana
water agua
beer cerveza
wine vino
word palabra
night / evening noche
family familia
name nombre
book libro
thousand mil
friend amigo
ten diez
then entonces
far lejos
sunny soleado
light (weight) ligera
to drive conducir
but pero / sino
to owe, must deber
through / across a través de
way (do it this way) manera
to add agregar
language idioma
to believe creer
one must / one should hay que
type / kind of tipo
to have (to do something, auxiliary verb) haber
to know (information) saber
to arrive, come, reach llegar
to pass, to spend (time), to happen pasar
to seem, appear parecer
to leave, abandon, to let, allow dejar
to find encontrare
to begin, to start comenzar
to call, to name llamar
to leave, go out salir
to take, drink tomar
to know (people, places) conocer
to watch, look at mirar
to enter, go in, come in entrar
to work trabajar
to produce producir
to understand entender
to request, ask for pedir
to remember, remind recordar
to appear, show up aparecer
to get, obtain conseguir
to take out, stick out sacar
to change cambiar
to introduce presentar
go ahead dale
fear miedo
Created by: aliniti
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