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spanish 1

stack 1

ustedes you all (informal)
quienes who
ella she
de donde from where
gracias thanks / thank you
manzana apple
inglaterra england
y and
de from / of
contend (a) happy
nosotros we
amigo friend
para for
tambien also / as well / too
que what
que bueno great / how great
musico musician
estadounidense american
pofesor (ra) teacher / profesor
que interesante how interesting
ciudad city
mucho much /a lot
sed thirst
senor sir / mr / gentleman
perdon pardon
muchas gracias thank you very much
me llamo I am called / my name is
aqui here
ano year
casa house
donde where
bien well / good
el he
que hora es what time is it
vacaciones vacation
playa beach
no no / not
nada nothing
tipo kind / type
dia day
estados unidos united states
por que why
trabajar to work
cientifico (a) scientist
de que from what / from which
como how
yo I
tu you
pais country
un / una a / some
jugo juice
tarde afternoon / evening / late
amable kind / nice / friendly
aleman german
chino chinese
comida meal
dieciocho eighteen
doce twelve
por times / for / through
a to / at
redondo round
natacion swimming
limpieza cleanliness / pureity
esta noche tonight
edad age
bueno good
Created by: johndoyle