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Adv Comp Vocab 1

current (corriente) actual
confesear (does not mean admit into a class, dar entrada) admitir
secretly, hidden a escondidas
to go dutch a la americana
to go commando a lo gringo
a shipyard aresenal
attend asistir
Haste makes waste, Slow and steady wins the race Anda despacio que tenga prisa
Bon apetit! Buen provecho
Once in a blue moon Cada muerte de obispo
what are the diminutive endings -ito, -illo, -ico, -ín
to apply onto something, sticker, or to apply a meaning (not to apply for a job) aplicar
pass a test, approve aprobar
the plot, the info to support an idea, not an argument argumento
at the latest a más tardar
The early bird gets the worm A quien madruga Dios le ayuda
valiente bizarro
to cancel, eliminate, also to pay off an account cancelar
capable capaz
goosebumps carne de gallina, piel de gallina
to cost an arm and a leg costar un ojo de la cara
we are pleased to inform you that Tenemos el gusto de participarle que
Please send us Les rogamos sirvan enviarnos
I received your letter Acuso recibo de su amable carta
Please excuse our delay Le ruego a usted tener la bondad de disculpar nuestro retraso
Please let us know as soon as possible Mucho le agradecería se sirviera informarnos a la mayor brevedad posible
I have to request tengo a bien solicitar
Through this means Por medio de la presente
please cancel my order sirvase cancelar el pedido
I have received your letter Obra en mi poder su carta
folder carpeta
by chance, coincidence, b y the way casualidad
a promise, commitment, obligation compromiso
dirty/off color jokes cuentos verdes
dirty old man un viejo verde
Hit the nail on the head Dar en el clavo
I tricked you, I cheeted you, dar gato por liebre (liebre means rabbit)
factory fábrica
annoying fastidioso
signature firma
signature unreadable rúbrica
in cash en efectivo
congratulations (luckily, good thing!) en hora buena
In the blink of an eye en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
trabajo del día, workshop in a big conference jornada
to be close, or a building (business or church, ) local
to walk in someone else´shoes estar en el pellejo de otro
on the eve of, (has to do with dates... ex. Christmas Eve) estar en vísperas de....
to be broke (bankrupt) estar quebrado
Created by: jorrylin