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adjectivo adjective
mucho a lot/many/much
son are
bastante a lot
bello/a beautiful
grande big
libro book
silla chair
bonito/a cute/pretty
bebedor drinker
tomador drinker (drunk)
toma té drink tea
favorita favorite
amigo/a friend
hambre hungry
yo tengo I have
inteligente intelligent
menos less
poco little
méjicano/méxican Mexican
más more
montaña mountain
pico peak
gente people
popular popular
problema problem
escuela school
dormidor/a/es/as sleeper
pequeño small
nieve snow
España Spain
superior superior
hablador/a/es/as talker
alto tall
hay there is/there are
¿hay? is there?/are there?
tomate tomato
escritor writer
muchacho/a young man/woman
patín skate
pez fish
pluma pen/feather
mundo world
gordo fat
mico monkey
lápiz pencil
pedazo piece
lago lake
agua water
peces fishes
pecito little fish
vaquito little cow
mundita little world
gordito chubby
miquito little monkey
lápices little pencils
pedacito little pieces
pedazos pieces
laguito little lake
agüita little water
diminutivo diminutive (small and enduring)
vaca cow
vaca cow
Created by: predpanther56
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