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Alphabet Words 2

Spanish alphabet from M-Z

madrina godmother
medalla medallion/medal
mico/a monkey/ape with long tail
modo mode/method/manner
mundo world/collective idea
nacimiento birth/nativity
necesidad necessity
nigún/o/a neither/none/not one/not any/no
novela novel (fictional story)
nudo knot
ñame yam
ñiquiñaque rubbish/trash/mess
ñoño/a cry baby/clingy child/mama's child/spoiled brat
ñuruma/ ant eater (Paraguay)
patines skates
pecador/a sinner
picante spicy hot
pobreza poverty
puerco/a dirty/filthy/foul/rude/pig (animal)
quebrado/a broken
quieto/a quiet/still
quórum quorum
racional rational/reasonable
recibo receipt
ridículo/a ridiculous
rollo roll/coil
rutina routine
sábana sheet (bed)
secreto secret
silencio silence
sociedad society
suave suave/smooth/soft/gentle
tabla table/board
tentación temptation
tinta ink
torementa storm/tempest
tusa corn husk
vacación vaction
vecino neighbor
viaje trip/journey
voluntad will/choice/determination
vuelo flight
ya already
yelmo helmet
yodo iodine
yuca yucca/Adam's needle
zacate grass
zenit/cenit zenith
ziszás zigzag
zorro/a fox
zumo juice/sap (plant)
chango monkey (Mexico)
nudoso knotty
patinar to skate
volar to fly
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