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Regular Verbs 2

subir to go up, rise, move up, climb, raise up
evitar to avoid, to prevent
interesar to interest, be of interest (to)
echar to throw, cast, fling
responder to respond, answer, reply to
sufrir to suffer, to undergo, experience
importar to import, to be important
observar to observe
imaginar to imagine
desarrollar to develop, expand, to unroll, unwind, to unfold
señalar to point out, indicate, to signal
preparar to prepare, to get (something) ready
faltar to lack, be lacking, be missing
acompañar to accompany
desear to desire, want, wish
enseñar to teach, instruct, train, educate
vender to sell
representar to represent
mandar to order (give an order), to send
asegurar to assure, secure, insure
matar to kill, slaughter
guardar to guard, protect, to keep
iniciar to initiate, begin, start
bajar to lower, go down, descend, download
notar to note, notice, observe
meter to put (in), place, insert
pretender to attempt
cortar to cut
corresponder to correspond with
aprovechar to take advantage of
apoyar to support, hold up, to back
aumentar to increase, add to, rise
abandonar to abandon, leave behind, desert, to quit, give up
quitar to remove, take away
conservar to preserve, conserve, to keep, retain
depender to depend
compartir to share, to divide (up)
consistir to consist
funcionar to function, to run
insistir to insist
anunciar to announce
comentar to comment on
participar to participate, to share in, to inform
escapar to escape
tirar to throw, to shoot, to throw away, to pull
contestar to answer
preocupar to worry
prestar to lend
pesar to weigh, to weigh down
viajar to travel, journey
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