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To voluntarily refrain from something. Abstain
Sudden and possibly unexpected Abrupt
Tribute or honor. Accolade
To be responsible. Accountable
Sudden, intense. Acute
To hold fast or stick together. Adhere
Undesired, possibly harmful. (EX: Vomiting is an _______ effect of many medications.) Adverse
Control, protection. (EX: Unit staffing decisions are under the _____ of the nurse manager.) Aegis
A sum total of many things. Aggregate
Hurt or angry. Aggrieved
Uncertain, having contradictory feelings. (EX: the patient was ________ about having a mastectomy.) Ambivalent
A thing of the past. "My disease is ___________" Anachronism
Cure or remedy. "I need an ________ for this headache" Antidote
Reduce. "This medicine is ________ my pain" Alleviate
To place, put on, or spread something. Apply
To give consent, to agree. Assent
Able to be heard. Audible
Single-celled, microscopic organisms. Bacteria
Bombardment, onslaught. (continuous attack). "This staph disease is so _______, I keep getting butt pimples." Barrage
Manner, direction, or influence. Bearing
Not harmful. Benign
Present on two sides. Bilateral
Heartless, cruel, or pitiless. Callous
Of or relating to the heart. Cardiac
Medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision. Cataract
An opening or an empty area. Cavity
Come to an end or bring to an end. Cease
Order of events as they occurred; timeline. Chronology
Offsetting (or making up for something. Best described as corrective. Compensatory
Rounded inward. (RBC) Concave
Brief, to the point. Concise
Degree of viscosity; how thick or thin a fluid is in relation to how it flows. (Texture). Consistency
To establish, create, or organize. Constitute
To draw together or become smaller. "Blood vessels ______ when you are in a cold environment" Constrict
Dependent/reliant. Contingent
A reason something is not advisable or should not be done. Contraindication
To be complex. "Her symptoms were very _______: back pain, headache, and severe nose bleed." Convoluted
Having or causing _______ (violent shaking of the body [epilepsy]) Convulsive
Hidden or concealed. "Her bruises were _______ under her clothes" Covert
Quick, perfunctory, not thorough. "run a _______ examination on the adult." Cursory
Expel feces. Defecate
A deficiency or lack of something. Deficit
Confused or mistaken. Delusional
Press downward. Depress
Downward measurement from a surface. Depth
Dried or withered. "Her feces were _______" Desiccated
Worsening. Deteriorating
Tool or piece of equipment. Device
Identification of an injury or disease. Diagnosis
To enlarge or expand. Dilate
To make a liquid less concentrated. Dilute
Distinct, separate. "Her bruises were so discrete, scattered all around her body" Discrete
Distant; away from the center (body). Distal
Enlarged or expanded from pressure. "Her stomach looked like a balloon, it was _______" Distended
Easily handled, tame i.e. not dangerous or frightened by people. "The little girl was ______, very gullible." Docile
Impaired or abnormal functioning. Dysfunction
Worldly or possible. Earthly
Ability to share what others are feeling; understanding the feelings of another. Empathy
Developing internally of body. "Cells are endogenous" Endogenous
To destroy completely. "Everyone wants to eradicate cancer." Eradicate
Balance. Equilibrium
Being extremely delicate or refined, ghostly, or eerie. Ethereal
The origin or cause of a disease or condition. Etiology
An inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive. Euphemism
Confident. (I am ______ about this exam.) Euphoric
To make worse or more severe. Exacerbate
Developing externally of body. "Hair is ______" Exogenous
To increase in size or amount. Expand
To cough up discharge from the lungs through the mouth. (spit). Expectorate
To come in contact. Exposure
Lengthening; unbending a joint. Extension
Located outside the body. External
Resulting in death. Fatal
Extreme tiredness, exhaustion. Fatigue
Fever. Febrile
Soft and hanging loosely or limply, especially so as to look or feel unpleasant. (LIMP) (PENIS) Flaccid
Bending a joint. "____ING YOUR ARM" Flexion
Reddened or ruddy appearance. Flushed
Omit (to leave out or exclude). (FORGO-> NOGO). Forgo
Of or relating to the stomach and the intestines. Gastrointestinal
Bad breath. Halitosis
Evade, circumvent, or dodge. (ESCAPE OR AVOID). Hedge
To be thoughtless, unmindful, or careless. Heedless
Of or relating to blood. Hematologic
Maintenance of body fluid balance. Hydration
Measures contributing to cleanliness and good health. Hygiene
Diminished or lacking some usual quality or level. Impaired
Occurring in the near future, about to happen. Impending
Impenetrable, not allowing anything to pass through. "skin" Impervious
To put into action or to cause it to happen. Implement
To suggest without explicitly stating. Imply
Occurrence. Incidence
Contamination or invasion of body tissue by pathogenic organisms. Infection
To conclude or deduce- arrive at a fact. Infer
Reddened, swollen, warm, and often tender. Inflamed
To swallow for digestion. Ingest
To hold back, constrain, reduce, or slow. "Migraine pills ______ migraines" Inhibits
To begin or put into practice. Initiate
So gradual as to not become apparent (clearly visible) for a long time. Insidious
In place, unharmed, or whole. Intact
Located within the body. Internal
Inserting or entering into a body part. Invasive
Of or relating to movement. Kinetic
Changing rapidly and often. (VOLATILE) Labile
Cut;tear. Laceration
Present but not active or visible. Latent
On the side. Lateral
Bequest or relic. Legacy
Difficult to arouse. (wake). Lethargic
Sickness, condition, or dissatisfaction. Malaise
Expected to grow and worsen. Malignant
An indication or sign of a condition. Manifestation
The environmental condition or setting. Milieu
Of or relating to muscle and skeleton. Musculoskeletal
Vague (uncertain, unclear). Nebulous
Of or relating to the nervous system. Neurologic
Of or relating to the nervous system and blood vessels. Neurovascular
Substance or ingredient that provides nourishment. Nutrient
Ignorant. Obtuse
Closed or obstructed. Occluded
The impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious. (portentous). Ominous
Continuous. Ongoing
Given through or affecting the mouth. Oral
Of the ear. Otic
Dungeon, prison, or cell. Oubliette
Aching. (Sore, throbbing. Painful
Worthless. Paltry
Cure, solution, or remedy. Panacea
A characteristic or constant FACTOR, limit. Structure. Parameter
Sudden, recurrence spasms or seizures. Paroxysmal
Open. Patent
Causing or able to cause a disease. Pathogenic
Processes, causes, and effects of a disease; abnormality. Pathology
Infested with lice. Pediculosis
Located behind; in the back. Posterior
Producing a strong effect. Potent
Capable of occurring or likely to occur. Potential
Preventive measure. Precaution
Rapid, uncontrolled. Precipitous
Make susceptible or more likely to occur. Liable/inclined to a specified attitude, action, or condition. Predispose
Already present. Preexisting
First or most significant. Primary
Of great importance. Priority
Offspring. Progeny
The anticipated or expected course or outcome. Prognosis
A rapid increase in number. Proliferation
4 times a day. Q.I.D
Strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of a disease or to exclude, detain, or isolate. Quarantine
Wild, loud, or disorderly Raucous
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