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Alphabet Words 1

Spanish Alphabet Words from B-K

El alfabeto The alphabet
banco/a bank/stool
bebedoro drinking fountain/drinking vesicle
bigote mustache
botella bottle
burbuja bubble
caro expensive
celoso jealous
cirugía surgery
contar to count/to tell/to inform
cultura culture
cháchara chitchat/chatter
chenil chenille
chichón bump (on the body)/bruise/lump
chorro spouting liquid
chucho dog (slang) - mutt
dama(s) lady/checker (pieces/game)
decente decent/honest
discreto discrete/discreet
docena dozen
dueño/a owner
falso false/fake/untrue/unreal/phony
femenino/a feminine
fiel faithful/loyal/honest
folleto pamphlet/brochure
fuego fire
gancho hook/safety pin
gemelo/a twin
gigante giant
gorro cap
gula gluttony/greed
habilidad ability
héroe hero
hilo thread
hoja leaf
humano/a human
jabón soap
jerga gibberish/jargon
jirafa giraffe
joya jewel
justicia justice
laborar to labor/to work
legal legal/lawful
libertad liberty/freedom
locura craziness/madness
lucerna lightning bug/glow bug/glowworm
llanta tire (vehicle)
lleno/a full
llorón(a) cry baby/weeper
lluvia rain
cisión incision
hoja de trébol cloverleaf
joyero jeweler
lluvioso rainy
kilómetro kilometer
kilogramo kilogram
kilovatio kilowatt
kilolitro kiloliter
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