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Reading PLUS

Unit 1 Names

Before you can take the driving test, what must you *complete or do? Fill out a form.
How many *brothers and sisters do you have? I have 5 siblings.
How can you *go inside the Global Center? You can enter the lobby or enter the garage.
Which month *comes before October? September precedes October.
What word *means or shows agreement in your language? __ indicates agreement.
If the hotel is full, will they be able to *let you stay there? No, they can not accommodate you.
The nickname stuck? It continued or stayed.
Were you teased as a child? Yes, I got laughed at.
Does the pain or sadness subside over time? Yes, sometimes it becomes less and less.
Do you have a favorable opinion of him? Yes, I have a positive idea of him.
Did he eventually come to terms with the bad situation? Yes, he eventually accepted the bad situation.
Who is at the core of your life? My family is the most important part of my life.
What made you have a change of heart? I had a different opinion after hearing his story.
What made you think of that? Her tone of voice suggested she was surprised.
What does it mean to misspell a word? It means you didn't spell it right.
Did you call me by mistake? Yes, I hit the wrong button, so I called you accidentally.
Do you like fizzy drinks such as sodas? No, I don't like the bubbles.
Who were you named after? My first name is the same as my father.
Can you make my product available to your customers? Yes, I can distribute it to all my stores.
Created by: jkirsch