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Present Tense Verbs

Spanish Present Tense

Ir to go
tener to have
yo voy I go
tú vas you go
él va he goes
ella va she goes
nosotros vamos we go
ustedes van you all go
ellos van they go
yo tengo I have
tú tienes you have
ella tiene she has
nosotros tenemos we have
ellas tienen they (fm) have
mostrar to show
encontrar to find
recordar to remember
poder to be able
mover to move
morir to die
morder to bite
volver to return
devolver to return (objects)
dormir to sleep
dar to give
salir to go out
venir to come
poner to put
decir to tell / to say
saber to know (info)
yo muestro I show
tú duermes you sleep
él devuelve he returns
usted vuelve you (f) return
nosotros recordamos we remember
ellos mueren they die
ellas muerden they bite
yo puedo I am able
él encuentra he finds
yo cierro I close
cerrar to close
comenzar to start
empezar to start
mentir to lie
negar to deny
pensar to think
perder to lose
preferir to prefer
querer to want
ella comienza she starts
tú empiezas you start
él miente he lies
nosotros negamos we deny
usted niega you (f) deny
ellos piensan they think
ellas pierden they (fem) lose
yo prefiero I prefer
ella prefiere she prefers
ustedes quieren you all want
tú quieres you want
nosotros empezamos we start
nosotros preferimos we prefer
vosotros queréis you all want
competir to compete
Decir to tell / to say
Medir to measure
Pedir to ask for
Repetir to repeat
Seguir to follow
Servir to serve
Vestir to dress
yo digo I tell
yo pido I ask for
tú mides you measure
tú sigues you follow
ella repitir she repeats
ella compite she competes
él sirve he serves
nosotros pedimos we ask for
nosotros vestimos we dress
nosotros decimos we tell
ellos dicen they tell
ellos repiten they repeat
ustedes sirven you all serve
Created by: ADurso