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Phrasal Verbs

Elementary English Phrasal Verbs

To get in / To get on To enter or to board a vehicle (in for car)
To get out of / To get off To leave or to descend of a vehicle (out of for cars)
To put on To place on oneself (clothes)
To take off To remove (clothes)
To call up To give someone a call
To turn on / To switch on To start or cause to function also to switch on
To turn off / To switch off To cause to stop functioning
To pick up To lift from the floor, table...etc with one's fingers Collect sb in vehicle To answer the phone
To get up To rise from bed, to make someone arise
To dress up To wear formal clothes
To find out To get information about
To look at To give one's attention to
To look for To try to find
To tire out To make very weary due to difficult conditions
To call on To ask for a response from / To visit
To pick out To choose, to select
To talk over To discuss or consider a situation with others
To lie down To place oneself in a flat position
To stand up To rise from a sitting or lying position
To sit down To be seated, to take a seat
To take out To remove or to extract
To take part in To participate in
To look up To locate information in a directory, dictionary, book, etc.
To wait on To serve in a store or restaurant
To try on To check clothes on you before you buy them
To think over To consider carefully before deciding
To take place To occur, to happen according to plan
To put away To remove from sight, to put in the proper place
To look out / To watch out (for) To be careful or cautious
To get back To return
To get over To recover from an illness or to accept a loss or sorrow
To call off To cancel
To put off To postpone
To hang up To place clothes in a hanger / To replace the receiver at the end of a conversation
To count on To trust someone in time of need
To get to To be able to do something special / To arrive at a place such as home, work, etc.
To look over / To go over / To read over / To check over To examine, to inspect closely
To put out To extinguish, to cause to stop functioning
To point out To show, to indicate, to bring to one's attention
To be up (time) To expire, to be finished
Created by: pichirelo
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