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CLEP review

werden to become
haben to have
konnen to be able, can
mogen to like, want
durfen to be allowed, permitted, may
mussen have to, must
sollen should, ought to, supposed to
wollen want to
gehen to go
sprechen to speak
war (-en) was (from sein)
heissen to be called, name
sagen to say
sehen to see
geben to give
kommen to come
lassen to let, allow
finden to find
bleiben to stay, remain
nehmen to take
bringen to bring
machen to make
leben to live
weigen because of
liegen to lie
eingenen to own
erhalten to recieve
neben next to
meisten most
halten to hold
wissen to know
stellen to place, set
anfangen to begin
beginnen to begin
ankommen to arrive
bekommen to get/receive
denken to think
gefallen pleasing, liked
geschehen happen
laufen to run
treffen to meet
tun do
vergessen forget
weisen indicate
fruher earlier
spater later
verlassen to leave
suchen to seek
zahlen to pay
entscheiden to decide
genau exact
in(im) into
vom of, from
zu (zum, zur) to, at, too
mit with
sich himself, itself, yourself
auf in
als as, than, when
an (am, ans) to, at, by
aus from, out of
nach after
bei at, by
um around, at
noch still, yet
wie as, how
nur only
vor (vorm, vors) before, in front of
mehr more
schon already
wieder again
zwischen between
immer always
seit since
doch nevertheless, but
damit with it, with that
da since, because - there, here
ohne without
anderen others
ganz entirely
brauchen to need
stark strong
Created by: chloe24k
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