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German Adverbs

mindestens at least
wahnsinning extremely, incredibly
soweit so far
überhaupt anyway, ever, at all
einfach simply, easy, once, just
fast almost, hardly
vielleicht perhaps, maybe, possibly
vormittag in the morning(s)
wahrscheinlich probably
weg away, off
wegen because of, due to, on account of
wieder again, once more
wirklich really, actually
wofür for which
woher where from, whence
wohin where to
wohl happy, well, probably, perhaps
worüber about what/which, what...about
zufällig(e) random, by chance
zurück back
zurzeit at present, at the moment, currently
auch also, too, as well, even
außerdem besides, in addition
bloß only
bisher until now, up to now
daher from there, that is why
dahinten over there
damals at that time, since then,
damit with it/that, therefore
dann then
dazu there, to it/that, for it/that
doch after all, anyway, yes I do/it does
dort there (place/destination)
dringend urgently
eigentlich really (wirklich, tatsächlich) anyway (überhaupt)
fleißig industriously, diligently, eagerly
hinten behind, at the rear, back
immer always
innerhalb inside
irgendwho somewhere, anywhere, someplace, any place, no where special
mal time(s)
manchmal sometimes
meistens mostly
nie never
noch (nicht) still, (not) yet
nochmal again, once more
noch nicht mal not even
nur only, just
oben above, at the top, overhead, upstairs
oft often
regelmaßig regularly
reichlich plenty, abundantly
schrecklich terribly
selten seldom, rarely
sicher safely, sure!, certainly/surely
sicherlich sure, surely
sofort immediately
sogar even
ständig always, constantly
tatsächlich actually, really, indeed
trotzdem never the less, all the same
übringens incidentally, by the way
unbedingt absolutely, of course
unten underneath, below, downstairs
dennoch nevertheless
darüber above, over, about that
allerdings though, however, certainly
genau exactly, precisely
stattdessen instead
getrennt separately, apart
zusammen together
drüben over there, yonder, on the other side
da there, here
zueinander to each other
öffentlich publicly
bequem comfortably
worum about what/which?
worüber about/over...what/which?
leider unfortunately
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