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Verbs - Week 14

Extension verbs - Week 14

pedir to ask for
pedir prestado to ask to borrow something
pegar to glue; to hit
peinarse to comb your hair
pelear to fight; to quarrel
perder peso to lose weight
perdonar to forgive
permitir to allow
pertenecer to belong
pesar to weigh
pescar to fish
picar to sting, to bite
pintar to paint
planchar to iron
portarse bien/mal to behave well/badly
preguntarse to wonder
preocuparse por to worry about
presentar to introduce, to present
prestar to lend
prestar atenciĆ³n to pay attention
prevenir to prevent
probar to try, to taste
probarse to try on
prometer to promise
pronunciar to pronounce
proponer to propose
protestar to protest
pulsar to press (a key, a button)
quedar to meet; to be left
quemar(se) to burn (yourself)
querer decir to mean something
quitar to take off
quitar la mesa to clear the table
Created by: ndhsspanish2