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Verbs - Week 12

Extension verbs - Week 12

fracasar to fail
freír to fry
frenar to brake
garantizar to guarantee
golpear to hit
grabar to record
granizar to hail
guardar silencio to keep quiet
hacer cola to queue
hacer novillos to play truant
hacer senderismo to hike
hacer un examen to sit an exam
hacerse to become
helar to freeze
hospedarse to stay
imaginar to imagine
impedir to prevent
importar to matter
imprimir to print
incluir to include
indicar to point out
informarse to find out
intentar to try to
interesar to interest
intimidar to bully
introducir to introduce
investigar to research
invitar to invite
irritar to annoy
juntarse to meet
lamentar to be sorry
llover a cántaros to rain cats and dogs
lograr to achieve
Created by: ndhsspanish2