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Verbs - Week 10

Extension verbs - Week 10

desarrollar to develop
descubrir to discover
desear to desire, to wish, to want
deshacer las maletas to unpack
despedir to fire
despedirse de to say goodbye to
despertarse to wake up
destruir to destroy
detener to arrest
devolver to give back
dirigir to direct
dirigirse a to head towards
disculpar to forgive
discutir to argue
disfrutar de to enjoy
disparar to shoot
dividir to divide
divorciarse to get divorced
doblar to double; to fold
doler to hurt
dudar to doubt
durar to last
echar de menos a to miss (a person)
echar un vistazo to take a look
echarse una siesta to have a nap
educar to educate
eliminar to eliminate
embarcar to embark
emborracharse to get drunk
emplear to use, to employ
empujar to push
enamorarse de to fall in love with
encender to turn on (lights)
Created by: ndhsspanish2