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descubre 3 u.1

unidad 1

strict autoritario
jealous celoso
affectionate cariñoso
careful cuidadoso
insincere, false falso
funny gracioso
(in)secure (in)seguro
(in)mature (in)maduro
lying, liar mentiroso
proud orgulloso
permissive permisivo
sensible sensato
sensitive sensible
stingy tacaño
shy tímido
traditional tradicional
overwhelmed agobiado
anxious ansioso
depressed deprimido
upset disgustado
excited emocionado
worried preocupado
alone, lonely solo
calm tranquilo
to adore adorar
to appreciate apreciar
to fall in love with enamorarse (de)
to be fed up with .. estar harto (de)
to hate odiar
to feel sentirse ..
to dream soñar
to be jealous of tener celos (de)
to be ashamed/ embarrased tener vergüenza (de)
spirit el ánimo
affection el cariño
blind date la cita a ciegas
commitment el compromiso
trust la confianza
divorce el divorcio
couple la pareja
feeling el sentimiento
to attract atraer
to flirt coquetear
to take care of cuidar
to leave .. dejar a .. (ps)
to argue discutir
to raise educar
to pay attention to someone hacer caso a (ps)
to get on well/bad ... llevarse bien/mal ...
to keep in touch manternerse en contacto
to have a good/ bad time pasarlo bien/mal ...
to propose proponer matrimonio
to break up with someone romper con salir con
to put up with someone soportar a (ps)
married casado
divorced divorciado
separated separado
widower viudo
single soltero
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