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Commonly Used Verbs

Commonly used Spanish verbs.

to accept aceptar
to allow permitir/dejar
to ask preguntar
to be ser/estar
to believe creer
to borrow prestar
to bother molestar
to break romper
to bring traer
to buy comprar
can/to be able to poder
to cancel cancelar
to carry/bring llevar
to change cambiar
to choose escoger
to clean limpiar
to close/shut cerrar
to comb peinar
to come back regresar
to complain quejarse
to cook cocinar
to cough toser
to count contar
to cut cortar
to dance bailar
to draw dibujar
to drink beber
to drive conducir
to eat comer
to enjoy gozar
to enter entrar
to explain explicar
to fall caerse
to feel sentirse
to fill llenar
to find encontrar
to finish terminar
to fit caber
to fix/repair reparar
to fly volar
to forget olvidar
to get/obtain conseguir
to give dar
to go ir
to go out salir
to have tener
to hear oir
to hurt dañar/herir
to know (info) saber
to know (how) conocer
to learn aprender
to leave salir/marcharse
to listen escuchar
to live vivir
to look/watch mirar
to lose perder
to make/do hacer
to meet conocer
to need necesitar
to open abrir
to organise organizar
to pay pagar
to play (sport) jugar
to prefer preferir
to put poner
to rain llover
to read leer
to reply/answer responder
to relax relajar
to rest descansar
to run correr
to say/tell decir
to see ver
to seem/appear parecer
to sell vender
to send enviar
to sign firmar
to sing cantar
to sit sentarse
to sleep dormir
to smoke fumar
to speak/talk hablar
to spell deletrear
to spend gastar
to stand ponerse de pie
to start/begin comenzar
to study estudiar
to succeed tener exito
to swim nadar
to take tomar
to teach enseñar
to think pensar
to translate traducir
to travel viajar
to try intentar
to turn off apagar
to turn on encender
to type escribir a máquina
to understand comprender/entender
to use utilizar/usar
to visit visitar
to wait esperar
to wake up despertar
to walk pasear
to want querer/desear
to wash lavar
to work trabajar
to worry preocuparse
to write escribir
Created by: pukkalad