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La inmigracion

Los beneficos y los aspectos negativos

Acoger To take in
Aportar To contribute
Apoyar To support
Arriesgarse To risk (one's self)
El asilo politico Politcal asylum
El auge Boom
Buscar to look for
Denunciar to report
Los derechos humanos Human rights
A la deriva Adrift
El derrumbe collapse
Despilfarrar To waste
La embarcacion Boat
Empujar To push
Enriquecer To enrich
la escazez Lack
Escoger To choose
La esperanza Hope
El extranjero Foreigner
La fuga de cerebros Brain drain
Ganarse la vida to earn a living
Hacer falta To need
Haller To find
La hosteleria hospitality sector
La igualdad Equality
El inmigrante irregular illegal immigrant
jubilarse to retire
la mano de obra Workforce
Mantener a To provide for
Marcharse To leave
El Mercado sumergido Black Market
Padecer To suffer
Pagar impuestos to pay tax
Un pais receptor A host country
La patera Boat used by immigrants
El permiso de trabajo/residencia Work permit
Poner rumbo a To head to
El/la portavoz spokesperson
Procedente de coming from
Quitar to take away
Realizar to carry out
refugiarse to take refuge
Refugiado Refugee
regresar To return
Rescatar to rescue
La seguridad social social security
Sobrevivir To survive
La tasa de natalidad Birth rate
Trasladarse To relocate/move
La valla The border/wall
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