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Exp2e C11, Voc2, ALL

ALL of Vocabulary 2 (Chap 11, Voc 2, Exploraciones 2nd Edition)

El arte The art
el arte abstracto the abstract art
el autorretrato the self-portrait
la escultura the sculpture
la exhibición the exhibit
la galería the gallery
el grabado the engraving; the print
la luz the light
la máscara the mask
el mural the mural
la naturaleza muerta the still life
la obra the work (of art, literature, theater, etc.)
el óleo the oil painting
el paisaje the landscape
la paleta the pallet
el pincel the paintbrush
la pintura the painting
el retrato the portrait
la tinta the ink
acabar to finish
apagar to turn off
apreciar to appreciate; to enjoy
descomponer to break down (a machine)
diseñar to design
esculpir to sculpt
exhibir to exhibit
olvidar to forget
posar to pose
quedar to remain (behind)
romper to break
abstracto(a) abstract
claro(a) light, pale
complicado(a) complex
cubista cubist
extraño(a) strange, odd
impresionista impressionist
obscuro(a) dark
sencillo(a) simple
surrealista surrealist
tradicional traditional
vanguardista revolutionary; avant-garde