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Turkish Vocabulary Week 2

açıklamak To explain
açılış Opening
açılmak Explain
açmak To open
ad Name
ada Island
adalet Justice
âdet Piece
adres Address
aferin Bravo
bakan Tip
bakım Minister
bakış View
bakkal Grocer
bakmak To look
ceket Jacket
cemiyet Society, Gathering
cep Pocket
cesaret Courage
cesur Brave
Da, De Too, Also
dağıtmak To scatter, distribute
daima Always
daktilo Typist
eczane Pharmacy
edebiyat Literature
eğilmek To bend down
eğitim Education
eğitmek To Train, Educate
eğlence Entertainment, Fun
faaliyet Activity
Fabrika Factory
farz etmek To do a religious duty
fayda Use, Value
feci Tragic, Terrible
Gayet Quite
gayret Exertion, Effort
gecikmek To be late
geç Late
geçe Past
hakaret Insult
hakikat Truth, Reality
hakiki True, Real
hakim Ruler, Judge
hakkinda About, Concerning
ısırmak To Bite
ıslanmak To get wet
ısmarlamak To order
ısrar Insistence
ıssız Desolate, Lonely
ışık Light
içerik Contents
içermek To include
için In order that, so that
içki Alcoholic drink
içmek To drink
kaç How many?
kaçak Runaway, Illegal
kaçmak To runaway, flee, escape
kadar As much as
Kadeh Glass, cup
Layık Suitable, Appropriate
lazım Necessary, Needed, Required
leke Stain, Spot (also of reputation)
lezzet Taste, Flavor, Pleasure, Enjoyment
liman Harbor, Seaport, port
maalesef unfortunately, I am sorry to say...
madem since, seeing that, considering that
maden mine, mineral, metal
mağaza large store, business, establishment
mahalle neighborhood, quarter, ward (in a city or town)
nasıl How?
nasihat _ti to take someone's advice or counsel
nazik polite, courteous
ne what...?
neden why? What for? for what reason? why...?
O he, she, it, that, those
okul school
okumak to read
okyanus ocean
olağan usual, normal, common, natural
olağanüstü extraordinary, unusual, unheard of, stunning
öfke anger, rage, wrath
öğe element, component
öğle noon, midday
öğrenci Student
öğrenim education, schooling (acquisition of knowledge)
para money
parça piece
pardon pardon me. excuse me.
park park, parking lot
parlak bright, brilliant, shining, gleaming, glistening; radiant; luminous
rapor report
rastlamak to meet by chance
rastlantı chance, accident, fortuitous event; coincidence
reddetmek 1. to refuse, decline; to reject. 2. to refuse to acknowledge. 3. to repudiate (a debt). 4. to disown, repudiate, cast (someone) off. 5. to claim that (something) is untrue.
rehber guide
saçma 1. scattering, strewing (something).2. absurd remark, piece of hogwash. 3. absurd, ridiculous, stupid. 4. shot, buckshot, or BB pellets. 5. (fisherman's) cast net, casting net.
sadece only, solely, merely, just.
Created by: chuckawade
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