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Duo 2 U 9

Duolingo 2 Unit 9 Ir Future Countries and Adjectives 2

ir to go
ser to be
estar to be
pensar to think
comer to eat
tomar to take
poner to put or place
mantener to maintain
volver to return
encontrar to find
trabajar to work
buscar to look for
conseguir to get
obtener to get
lograr to reach
esperar to hope
entender to understand
perder to lose
contar to count
cambiar to change
establecer to establish
alcanzar to reach
ganar to win
tratar to try
pagar to pay
recibir to receive
caer to fall
utilizar to use
recordar to remember
presentar to present
abrir to open
sentir to feel
resolver to resolve
considerar to consider
terminar to end
llamar to call
comprender to comprehend
creer to believe
reconocer to recognize
pedir to ask for
mirar to look for
servir to serve
reducir to reduce
olvidar to forget
escuchar to listen
continuar to continue
venir to come
quedar to remain
empezar to start
aumentar to add to
acabar to have just
ofrecer to offer
abandonar to abandon
ayudar to help
superar to overcome
aprender to learn
elegir to elect
recuperar to recuperate
descubrir to discover
usar to use
aplicar to apply
demostrar to demonstrate
controlar to control
defender to defend
querer to want
regresar to regress
cerrar to close
mostrar to show
vender to sell
español Spanish
europeo European
internacional international
norteamericano North American
francés french
chino chinese
argentino argentinian
mexicano Mexican
italiano Italian
americano American
británico Britain
inglés English
estadounidense United States person
cubano Cuban
extranjero stranger
España Spain
México Mexico
Argentina Argentina
Francia France
China China
Inglaterra England
América America
Europa Europe
París Paris
Roma Rome
cansado tired
enfermo sick
limpio clean
sucio dirty
regular regular
abierto open
disponible available
perdido lost
especial special
interesante interesting
universal universal
amplio wide
máximo maximum
intelectual intellectual
numeroso numerous
extraño strange
independiente independent
múltiple multiple
ideal ideal
común common
moderno modern
superior superior
lógico logical
mundial world
nacional national
industrial industrial
verdadero true
excelente excellent
original original
profundo profound
adecuado adequate
oscuro dark
mal bad
puro pure
infantil infantile
probable probable
similar similar
dulce sweet
antiguo antique
loco crazy
consciente conscious
eléctrico electric
eficaz effective
famoso famous
particular particular
clásico classic
conveniente convenient
inmediato immediate
terrible terrible
revolucionario revolutionary
brillante brilliant
negativo negative
encaso set
elevado tall
pendiente pending
previo previous
mínimo minimal
difícil difficult
vivo alive
perfecto perfect
básico basic
privado private
ácido acid
formal formal
sencillo simple
femenino feminine
débil weak
legal legal
tranquilo tranquil
libre free
igual equal
presente present
Created by: pritchardh