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Duo 2 U 8

Duolingo 2 Unit 8 Numbers and Verbs 3

dos two
tres three
cuatro four
cinco five
seis six
siete seven
ocho eight
nueve nine
diez ten
once eleven
doce twelve
trece thirteen
catorce fourteen
quince fifteen
veinte twenty
treinta thirty
cuarenta forty
cincuenta fifty
sesenta sixty
setenta seventy
número number
mil one thousand
mayoría majority
metro meter
par pair
kilómetro kilometer
millón million
tonelada ton
mitad half
tercer third
doble double
tercero third
gustar to be pleasing to
comprar to buy
dudar to doubt
llenar to be full
salvar to save
pedir to ask for
regresar to regress
preguntar to ask
continuar to continue
poseer to possess
mezclar to mix
ganar to win
parar to stop
llueve it rains
permitir to permit
añadir to add
recibir to receive
vivir to live
considerar to consider
utilizar to utilize
valer to be worth
contener to contain
gastar to spend
reconocer to recognize
responder to respond
interesar to interest
entender to understand
derrotar to beat
costar to cost
manejar to drive
ocupar to occupy
cortar to cut
trabajar to work
rechazar to reject
dejar to leave
afectar to affect
mejorar to improve
desear to desire
alcanzar to reach
observar to observe
pasar to pass
consultar to consult
volar to fly
perder to lose
crear to create
intentar to intend
reservar to reserve
expresar to express
poner to put
tratar to try
usar to use
terminar to end
creer to believe
pertenecer to pertain to
llamar to call
andar to walk
levantar to get up
necesitar to need
descansar to rest
esperar to hope
caer to fall
ofrecer to offer
tirar to throw
girar to turn
curar to cure
cantar to sing
secar to dry
salir to leave
saltar to jump
odiar to hate
Created by: pritchardh