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physics quiz

physics quiz bowl quest

Minimum response time of the automatic exposure control is : time required to energize, Shortest possible exposure time, function to prevent over exposure, protect from excessive heat. SHORTEST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TIME
Which of following devices operates on self induction: auto transformer, high voltage transformer, choke coil. AUTO TRANSFORMER, CHOKE COIL
the filtering effect of the glass envelope and oil in x ray tube are referred to as? INHERENT FILTRATION
which of following will occur as a result in a decrease in the anode target angle. …less pronounced anode heel effect… decrease effective focal spot size, greater photon intensity towards cathode side of x ray tube… DECREASE EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE FOCAL SPOT SIZE, GREATER PHOTON INTENSITY TOWARDS CATHODE SIDE OF X RAY TUBE
inadequate collimationg when using aec often results in … under exposed xray… over exposed image, timer not terminating soon enough… UNDER EXPOSED XRAY
The source of electrons within the x ray tube are result of? Thermionic emission
What component of the x ray tube is a graphite disc having a tungsten radium track at its periphery? ANODE
X ray tube life may be extended by using.. low mas high kvp, avoiding lengthy anode rotation, avoiding exposures to cold anode. ALL THREE
Which of the following combinations will have greatest heat loading capability, 17 degree target angle & 1.2 mm actual focal spot, 10 degree target angle & 1.2 mm focal spot, 17 degree target & .6mm focal spot, 10* TARGET ANGLE 1.2 MM FOCAL SPOT
what is the relationship between kilovoltage and half value layer? as kv increases half value increases, kv decreases half value decreases, if kv is dbl then kv is dbl, if kv dbled half value is squared. AS KV INCREASES HALF VALUE INCREASES
which of following portions of the x ray circuit is the step down transformer located? high voltage side, filament circuit, rectification system, secondary side. FILAMENT CIRCUIT
With 3 phase equipment, voltage across the x ray tube? 1. drops to zero every 180 *, 2. is 87 to 96% maximum value, 3. nearly constant potential: 87 to 96 and nearly constant
The photo electric process is an interaction between? INNER SHELL ELECTRON
Which of following devices converts electrical energy into mechanical energy: GENERATOR
basic function of the phototimer: provide brighter image, restrict field size, terminate exposure when correctly exposed, automatically increase or decrease incoming voltage. TERMINATE WHEN CORRECTLY EXPOSED
If one rectifier were malfunctioning resultant mas would be ¼ of expected, ½ expected, twice expected or four times expected. ½ EXPECTED
Which of following voltage ripples is produced by single phase equipment, 100% voltage ripple, 13% voltage ripple, 3.5% ripple. 100% VOLTAGE RIPPLE
Decreased x ray tube output can be attributed to? rough focal track, tungsten deposits on glass envelope, high speed anode rotation. ROUGH FOCAL TRACK, TUNGSTEN DEPOSITS
All of following devices may be located on control panel except, ma meter, kvp selector, timer, filament ammeter FILAMENT AMMETER
as the x ray tube filament ages, it becomes thinner due to evaporation, tungsten is deposited on glass envelope: act as filter, reduce x ray output, result in arcing ALL ABOVE
Target angle will have an effect on 1. severity of the heel effect 2. focal spot size 3. heat load capacity ALL OF ABOVE
which devices controls voltage by varying resistance? auto transformer, high voltage transformer , rheostat, RHEOSTAT
Which must be connected in parallel? Filament ammeter, milliampmeter, voltmeter, rectifier. VOLTMETER
Which of following is characteristics of the x ray tube? target material should have high atomic number and melting point, useful beam emerges from window, cathode assembly should receive high and low voltages: ALL OF ABOVE
The advantage or advantages of collimators over aperture diaphragm 1. variety of field sizes available 2. more efficient beam restriction 3. clean up of scatter radiation VARIETY OF FIELD SIZES AVAILABLE
Dedicated radiographic units are available for 1. chest radiography 2. head radiography 3. mammography ALL ABOVE
All of the following are associated with the anode except for 1. line focus principle 2. heel effect 3. focal track 4. thermionic emission THERMIONIC EMISSION
Which of the following contributes to inherent filtration: 1. xray tube glass envelope 2. x ray tube port window 3. aluminum between tube housing and collimator ONE AND TWO x-ray tube glass envelope and x ray tube port window
Circuit devices that conduct electrons in only one direction are: RECTIFIERS
Double focus x ray tubes have two what? FILAMENTS, LARGE AND SMALL
Several types of exposure timers may be found on x ray equipment, which of following types of timers functions to accurately duplicate radiographic density? a. synchronous b. impulse c. electronic d. phototimer PHOTOTIMER
Circuit devices that conduct electrons in only one direction are: 1. resistors 2. valve tubes 3. solid state diodes
In order to be used more efficiently by the x ray tube, alternate current is changed into unidirectional current by the: RECTIFIER
all of the following xray devices r located between incoming power supply and high output voltage transformer except for: timer, kv meter, ma meter, auto transformer: MA METER
Radiation sensitive aec devices are known as automatic beam restrictors, ionization chamber, sensor, backup timer: IONIZATION CHAMBER
Which of following meters will not register until exposure is made: kvp major meter, kvp minor meter, ma meter, line voltage meter: MA METER
Star and Y symbols pertain to : 3 phase transformer
Features of x ray tube targets that determine heat capacity? rotation of anode, diameter of anode, size of focal spot: ALL OF ABOVE
The Voltage ripple associated with 3 phase 12 pulse rectifier generator is ABOUT 100% , 32% 13%, or 3%: is about 3PERCENT
exposures less than min response time of aec may be required when : using high ma , using fast film speed combo, examining lg patients or parts: HIGH MA AND FAST FILM
most commonly used types of aec devices are? ion chamber, photo multiplier tube, cathode ray tube: ION CHAMBER, PHOTO MULTIPLIER TUBE
As electrons impinge on target surface more than 99% of kinetic energy is changed to: HEAT
Which of following protects patient from overexposure? circuit breaker, fuse, backup timer, rheostat: back up timer
When the radiographer selects kv on control panel, which device is adjusted? Auto transformer
deliver of lg exposure to cold anode or use of exposure exceeding tube limit results in: increase tube output, cracking of anode, rotor bearing damage: CRACKING ANODE, ROTOR BEARING DAMAGE
Tungsten alloy is the usual choice of target material for radiographic equip b/c? high atomic number: high melting point: dissipate heat: ALL ABOVE
To determine how quickly an xray tube will disburse its heat, a radiographer will use a anode cooling curve.
Which of the following will serve to increase the effective energy of the xray beam? increase in added filtration, increase in voltage increase in milliamperage. filtration and kvp
Operation of the aec device is dependent on? thickness of the object, beam restriction or position. All of the above
Which of the following causes pitting on the anode? Vaporized tungsten on the window, loss of anode rotation, frequent overloading. LOSS OF ANODE ROTATION
basic x ray circuit divided into main circuit and anode circuit? true or false false
during 3 phase power overall potential difference drops to zero. true or false false
the filament is set in cathode assembly outside of focusing cup: true or false false
electrons in thermionic cloud driven to cathode to anode with 100% efficiency: true or false false
the faster anode rotation the better heat dissipation: True or false true
as the anode target angle increases the primary beam filed size increases: true or false true
according to anode heel effect radiation intensity is greater on anode side: cathode
like cathode anode is comprised of single metal called tungsten: true or false false
the ma control is found between incoming line and exposure switch, auto transformer and timer circuit, exposure switch and step up transformer, incoming line and step down transformer: INCOMING LINE AND STEP DOWN
kvp control is found between incoming line exposure switch, auto transformer timer,exposure switch, incoming line step down transformer: INCOMING LINE AND EXPOSURE SWITCH
Created by: srehrauer