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Multicultural Educ

Banks' 5 Dimensions of Multicultural Education

knowledge construction Teachers aid students in understanding how cultural biases, assumptions, and frames of reference shape the way that knowledge is constructed, organized, and transmitted. A teacher explains that Latin was once seen as the only scholarly language. Michel de Montaigne shocked society when he wrote his Essays in French, which many common men could read.
prejudice reduction Teachers help students to modify one-dimensional, incomplete, or biased views of other groups. Through the Socratic method, a teacher asks a student to define and defend his views on religious freedom for Christians versus religious freedom for Muslims.
equity pedagogy Teachers use a variety of teaching styles, materials, and activities to facilitate learning among students with diverse racial, cultural, and class backgrounds. Students are allowed to construct a final portfolio from a variety of projects that they have completed over several months. Options include fiction writing, essays, poems, critiques, expositional writings, and memoirs.
empowering school culture Practices of grouping, tracking, or labeling students is minimized, while interaction between students and staff across all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups is encouraged. Staff works together to restructure the cheerleading practice schedule so that it does not conflict with the African American club meetings, ensuring that students do not have to choose between the two activities.
content integration Teachers use content and examples from an array of cultures and social groups to illustrate the key concepts, principles, generalizations, and theories in their subject area or discipline. A teacher decides to include Mexican artist Frida Kahlo when discussing modern folk art.
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