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RE Legal Unit 04Terms

abatement Legal process used to remove nuisances and code violations
allowed uses Activities permitted within a zoning district as a matter of right
categorical exclusion Statutory exemption under the NEPA process given to small projects having no impact on the environment
CEQA California law providing a three-tiered environmental analysis of all projects subject to its application
coastal zone Area of land that reaches from three miles at sea to an inland boundary varying from a few blocks in urban areas to about five miles in less- developed areas
conditional uses Activities not allowed in a zoning district as a matter of right, but that can be allowed if the owner gets a special permit
discretionary projects Projects a decision-maker has the authority to approve, to approve with conditions, or to deny
eminent domain Power given government agencies to take private property for public use or purpose
environmental impact report Report required by CEQA regarding projects potentially having significant environmental impacts
environmental impact statement Detailed evaluation required by NEPA regarding the environmental impact of a proposed development
final map Map recorded in the county where the property is located
general plan The constitution for land use in each city and county in California
height limits How tall buildings can be above the average grade
legally nonconforming use An existing activity allowed to continue despite a change in the zoning of a parcel
ministerial projects Permits or entitlements an applicant has an absolute right to receive
negative declaration A finding by state or local agency that a proposed project will not have the potential to cause significant impacts to the environment
NEPA Federal law requiring federal agencies to consider the environmental effects of their decisions
police power Government’s authority to regulate the health, safety, welfare, and morals of its citizens
prohibited use Any uses not listed as either allowed or conditional
public restrictions Limitations on use of real property associated with government intervention
setbacks Limit on how close a structure can be built to neighboring property lines
spot zoning Zoning changed for a single parcel without considering the larger planning context
tentative map Map showing the conceptual design of the proposed subdivision and the improvements that will go along with it
variance Allowing a use not strictly in compliance with local zoning or building regulations
zoning Ordinance dividing a city or county into different districts, identifying what uses can and cannot be made on each parcel
zoning districts Areas showing all of the possible classifications that might be given to any particular parcel of land
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