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RE Legal Unit 01Terms

answer Explains the position of the defendant and his or her view on the plaintiff’s allegations
arbitration Process in which the parties (and/or their attorneys) present their cases to an arbitrator, who renders a decision
black letter law Words committed to paper that govern
civil law Body of law imposed by the state or government for its citizens
codify Compile, arrange, systemize, and write the laws of a given region into a code
common law Body of law based on custom and judicial precedent rather than on codified statutes
compensatory damage Damages designed to compensate the injured party for the injury that was sustained
complaint Summarizes the plaintiff’s case against the defendant including the actual harm done and the demand for compensation for damages incurred
criminal law Law that concerns wrongs against persons or society.
defendant Person who is being sued
default judgment Occurs when a defendant in a lawsuit fails to respond to a complaint and the court then rules in favor of the plaintiff by default
deposition Live, oral testimony under oath
law Body of rules and principles that every member of society must follow
litigation Process of bringing a lawsuit against someone.
mediation Process in which a neutral, uninterested third party helps the parties involved in a dispute to negotiate a settlement or other resolution
plaintiff Person filing the civil suit in a court of law
precedent Concept of looking back at cases previously decided and following those decisions for the sake of consistency and fairness.
remedy Compensating the plaintiff for any injuries incurred
summons Written request that establishes the plaintiff’s position in filing a complaint and calls for the defendant to answer or appear in court
tort Legal wrong for which civil remedies for injuries or damages are provided
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