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RE Legal Unit 02Terms

air rights Rights to the air space above the property
appropriative water rights Right to take riparian surface water for a beneficial use on non-adjacent property
appurtenances All rights, privileges, and improvements that belong to and pass with the transfer of the property, but that are not necessarily a part of the actual property
benchmark Survey reference mark made on a monument indicating a known location and elevation
block Contiguous group of lots generally bounded by man-made features, such as streets or natural features, such as creeks
bundle of rights All legal rights attached to the ownership of property
emblements Annual crops cultivated by tenant farmers and sharecroppers
fixture Anything permanently attached to real property
fructus industriales Annual crops produced by human labor, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains
fructus naturales Naturally occurring plant growth, such as grasses, trees, and shrubs as part of the real property
groundwater Water beneath the surface of the land filling the spaces and cavities between the rocks and soil
lateral support Landowners’ right to have their land in its natural condition held in place from the sides by adjoining land so that it will not fall away
legal description Written description of a particular parcel of land identifying it as precisely as possible
lot Single parcel of land within a subdivision
metes and bounds Oldest method used to describe real property
personal property Moveable items not permanently attached to land
plat Subdivision map showing the location and boundaries of lots, street rights-of-way, project name, and easements
point of beginning Point from which a metes and bounds survey begins
real property Land, anything permanently attached to the land, anything appurtenant to the land, or anything immovable by law
riparian rights Right of an owner of property bordering a surface water source to use the water
subjacent support Absolute right of the property owner to have his or her land supported from beneath its surface
subsurface rights Rights to the natural resources, such as minerals, oil, and gas below the surface
survey Professional measurement of a tract of land with its boundaries, contents, and location relative to other property
township Grid of square, each six miles by six miles (36 square miles)
usufructuary rights Rights limited to reasonable and beneficial use
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