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Family and Friends

abuelo grandfather
adolescente adolescent
adolescente teenager
alegre happy
amable kind
amistoso friendly
amor love
anciano (very) old
animado lively
antipático unpleasant
apellido last name
aspecto appearance
barba beard
bebé baby
besar to kiss
beso kiss
bigote moustache
calvo bald
cariño affection
cariñoso affectionate, tender
casado married
casamiento wedding
casarse to get married
castaño chestnut, brown
compañero friend, mate
comprender to understand
comprensión understanding
comprensivo understanding
conocer to know, be familiar with, get to know
acoger to welcome
aconsejar to advise
acordar to agree on
agradecer to thank
aguantar to put up with
anillo ring
sensible sensitive
sobrino nephew
torpe clumsy
tratarse to treat each other
vago lazy
viudo widower
Created by: Luke.O