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Spanish words

sacerdote priest
granjero farmer
pintoras painters
pintor painter
dueno owner
cajeros cashiers
principe prince
empleado employee
periodista reporter
empresario business man
juez judge
autor author
paraguas umbrella
rasuradora razor
cartera wallet/purse
sabana bedsheet
secadora dryer
habitacion bedroom
cepillo brush
lavadora washing machine
paredes walls
techo roof/ceiling
sotano basement
horno oven
pared wall
nuestro our
sarten pan
escritorio desk
espejo mirror
piscina pool
taza cup
cuchillo knife
gran big
alta tall
bajo under
corta short
tamano size
hacia towards
almuerzo lunch
marido husband
aunque even though
ajo garlic
mientras while
pavo turkey
uvas grapes
oigo listen
cangrejos crabs
desayuno breakfast
disculpe excuse me