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Sophie Davis Chem


Define the Ground State of an element When all the electrons occupy the lowest available orbital.
Define Excited State An unstable condition where electrons have been exposed to stimuli which causes the to absorb energy and move to a higher energy level
What are some of Dalton's Theories? 1. Compounds in an element have fixed proportions2. All atoms of a given element are identical3. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed4. Elements are composed of tiny particles known as atoms
What is an Ionic Compound? A compound made of a metal and a nonmetal
What is Pauli's Exclusion Principle? Electrons in the same orbital must occupy different spins
What is Hund's Rule? When illustrating electrons in a compound each box must have at least one electron before moving to the next orbital.
What are Sigma Bonds? Single Bonds
What are Pi Bonds? An overlapping of electrons after hybridization
What is the exception to the Octet Rule? When compounds form coordinate covalent bonds
For a given amount of gas at a constant temperature...(Boyle's Rule) Pressure is inversely proportional to volume
What is Charles' Law? Volume is directly proportional to temperature at constant pressure.
At constant volume....(Gaye Lusak's Law) Pressure is directly proportional to temperature.
What does evaporation have a cooling effect? Because the lectrons that leave from the surface have a higher kinetic energy than they should.
What is Vapor Pressure? The pressure a gas exerts on upon its own liquid
When does a liquid boil? When Vapor Pressure (Vp=1atm)
What is the equivalent of 1 atm in mmHg? 760 mmHg
What is Henry's Law? (Gases) The amount of gas dissolved is directly proportional to the pressure applied.
Higher temperatures makes gas... less soluble
Higher temperature makes solids more soluble
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